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June 3rd, 2011, 01:06 PM
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So tell us girl...what have you been doing to get hunhun2 out of you? spicy food? pineapple? warm bath?

I remember feeling the way you are right now. It was April 12th and I was scheduled to get induced the 13th at 9pm. I remember how scared I was and I remember being SOOOOOO jealous of you. We both were so upset because our bodies weren't doing anything and were both heading towards induction then BOOM you went into labor & had Aly. You gave me hope that my body would figure it out....I helped it out a ton. That night I BEGGED Eric for a deposit but he refused. I ATE tons of buffalo wings, hot peppers, pumped, took a warm shower and played w/my nipples (for stimulation of course not for pervy reasons lol) and then self love. 3 hours later I had my first contraction

There's still time to go into labor and if not...don't fret. You'll be fine and you will get through it. And just the end you will have hunhun2 in your arms

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