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June 3rd, 2011, 06:21 PM
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*Exhaling* Hi Ladies!

I'm back. Family is gone and I feel like next week I can finally make a real change in my lifestyle. Which is what it's gonna take for me to budge this bulge.

Real quick before I forget. I just had an interesting idea. Would y'all like to have a blinkie for our signatures? Something like: "Triple A Buddies, We can lose this weight" etc.. I really want your suggestions. I'm am creatively stumped at the moment. But something that motivates us and reminds us we are not alone in this struggle. It's ok if you don't want to though

So, my plan for this weekend is to write out a plan for next week. Something firm to adhere to. Sunday I will be at a friends house swimming but Saturday I plan to chill and reboot. Once I have a plan, I will probably share it with y'all.

Amber- I am so proud of you for your hard efforts! You're really giving it your all and I am frustrated for you that the scale isn't cooperating. But, are your clothes fitting looser? Do you feel firmer? Regardless of the numbers, you ARE becoming healthier by working out and that is so great! :hugs:

Connie- Sucks that you got a sunburn. How did you get it? Good for you telling him how it is! Forgive me bc I don't know anything about it but what will the Clomid do? :hugs:

Talk to you girls this weekend hopefully! If not hope you have a great weekend and tty Monday!

ETA: Also, if you DO want the blinkie. What is your fav color?
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