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June 3rd, 2011, 07:39 PM
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Wb Rebecca
I got my sunburn from wearing a tank top while shopping for plants for the garden and the flower bed in the city that is 70 miles from us and we were gone all day and out in the sun almost the whole time that was Wednesday we did that so Wednesday night and all of Thursday my sunburn was throwing off heat I had to wear a tank top for those two days plus today making sure that it was done throwing off the heat,Hubby has been Putting on the burn cream the doctor proscribed for his 2nd degree sunburn for years ago the stuff never seems to go bad from what we were told by the pharmacist it is still Pretty red on the right arm the left arm didn't get sunburned as bad it is more of a pinkish color now.
Well clomid is a Progesterone pill it helps you to ovulate
I think the Blinky is a great Idea Blue,pink and purple are my three Favorite colors.
Hubby has been a lot more Relax and stuff Haven't had an argument yet which is great.
Amber I to am proud of you for having the will to do the 30 day shred i stopped the 30 ds just til hubbys vacation is over which is Wednesday evening
I weighed myself this afternoon and i am now at 237 lbs I went down a couple pounds. I have been Slowly winning myself off the caffeine The only time i drink caffeine is on Thursday at the community lunch so i will only drink caffeine then and when hubby and i go on long trips. Hubby and i have been getting a lot of exercising in lately .
Today i received my First set of Business cards in the mail this is what they say
Ever Lasting Portraits
Connie Ramsdell
then my cell number and Address then
[email protected]
Not Found -
then the last past which is the title which says
Memories that last a lifetime
There is also a picture of a waterfall on the left side
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