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June 4th, 2011, 05:38 PM
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We live in this apartment complex area which is now filled with a bunch of kids from highschoolers to babies .

Well, rarely any parent is out watching their kids outside as its only me who is usually outside so I end up seeing the kids who are 5-12 riding their bikes in the parking lot which has been a continous rule Do Not Ride in the parking lot or you will get your bike taken away .

If the landlady is here she will go warn them saying if you are at there and I catch you the bikes are mine so after she goes in they are back in the parking lot !

Also, to top it off this other family allows there lil 2 yr old to be out there with No parental supervision due to the Mom being busy with the baby but the mom figures it is okay for her 2 yr son to be out there since she assumes her 10 yr son and her 7 yr daughter would keep an eye out on their little brother of course they don't because they go play with a bunch of other kids at our complex.

So then I end up catching this little boy running off into different areas he is not my son but I would hate for any parent to have a kid disappear on them so then just this week this little 2 yr old boy ended up in the other apartment complex that was past our gate in the parking lot and the older brother didn't even know that nor did the 2 yr old parents !

So I told his brother that I saw him over there went running over there and of course we see his little brother come out of the play area and so his older brother walks him to our apartment play area .

So what would have happened to that 2 yr old boy if I wasn't out there to notice a kid that is not even my own to go off in another apartment complex ?

Our apartment needs to have a more of a safety person to keep the 5-12 yr olds out of the parking lots of our apartment area they just ride their bikes continously in the apartment complex when the cars or trucks speed into the parking lot pass the 5 mph as in close to a 30 mph.

Along with having some way to get the 2-4 yr olds to be more safer especially when the parents are not having the ability to watch them nor are their siblings old enough to take on responsbility to watch their little brother .

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