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June 4th, 2011, 07:19 PM
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Does your city hold any fun summer festivals? - Yep! A few different events each year. Right now the main "festival of the arts" is going on - TONS of musical entertainment and food booths - yum!
Do you make fresh squeezed lemonade during the summer? - Lots of times! I make it super nummy.
Would you rather go to the beach or go camping by the river? CAMPING.
Do you have a summer birthday? - Technically, though being in mid september it can often be quite fallish outside.
If not, do you wish you had a summer birthday? I think it would've been fun growing up to be able to do something like a beach party. Now I don't really care.
Do you live in a place where the humidity is nuts during the summer? Yes, i hate humidity. i swell up like a balloon, pregnant or not.

Thank you so much *Kiliki* for another amazing siggy!
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