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June 4th, 2011, 09:36 PM
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We were initially seeing a Paed about anxiety and the problems we are constantly having at school. He took me aside and told me that she does have anxiety and that she has Aspergers. Basically she is GLOWING she is so positively Aspergers, not just a hint! lol

I knew something was wrong and I knew she was different from other kids. But we've had a lot of issues with her sore joints and her reflux that I just never paid any notice to them other than she was hurting or keeping symptom journals for her reflux and pain.

People keep telling me that she's the same little girl, but at the moment, all I'm thinking is: is this you or is this the Aspergers? WHO are you, little girl?

My husband is overseas until the 14th, so it didn't help having him gone. She is of the 'non-sleeping' variety of Aspergers and I think that's affecting me too. Chronic sleep dep is so hard.

The school is very happy with the diagnosis as now we can access help for her.

How/when do you start to explain Aspergers to your child?

Were the first few weeks post-diagnosis hard for you?


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