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June 6th, 2011, 05:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Mana View Post
It has gone ridiculously fast! I wouldn't be surprised if someone was like "LOL we changed all the calendars to make you think it's June. APRIL FOOL'S!"

My appointments should be every two weeks, but we got a little off because of some scheduling issues, and my midwife wanted to wait until I was at least 36 weeks until the next one. And then I decided I wanted to meet the other midwife in the practice I haven't met yet so that pushed my appointment back a couple more days. So... yeah I'll be almost 37 weeks, almost full term, I could be about to pop this baby out! o_o
Ooooh ok, I totally get that That happened to me with our first too.

Originally Posted by w292737 View Post
I go on Tuesday for my 32 week check
Ro - I cannot believe you are 32 weeks already! SEVEN weeks until she's here?!
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