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June 6th, 2011, 08:57 AM
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Because she ALWAYS says She doesn't want to go anywhere and throws a fit if we "make" her. So now he avoids taking her anywhere.
She has a habit of doing "baby talk" and "baby fits" all the time.
She uses her "I don't get to see my daddy" line ALL the time and guilts him into doing things like this. She's 8 but is very manipulative.
Yesterday dh and I argued about something and she seemed to instigate it further by saying "it's her hormones, they get out of control when you're pregnant".

We also were having a convo about the kitchen being messy. (I've been having severe nausea and haven't been able to do much cleaning especially around food).
Dh says to me something about me not cleaning.
I say "well the last time I checked these weren't my messes, I haven't even eaten here in 3 days".
Sd8 chimes in with " well they aren't ALL your messes. But technically some are". Um. 92.85% of the food prepared is for sd8.
she is pushing my buttons.

Dh got upset with bd5 night before last bc we went out to eat and bd5 didn't eat her food.
Sd8 refused to eat her soup last night and just like w bd5 I refused to give her anything else. Dh didn't like that.
He says I show favoritism. My rules are the same across the board.
I'd NEVER let my kids dictate rather or not WE go somewhere.
If dh and I want to go, the kids go. Period.

Lately it's seeming to Be like he's catering to everything she wants.

Her mom is getting divorced from her current husband and we have sd8 full time for idk how long. So idk if he's going through the whole "feel sorry for the kid of divorce" stage again or what.

So I guess it's not just that event yesterday that upset me toward her. It's the past few days. And prob my hormones too.

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