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June 6th, 2011, 10:00 AM
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Hey girls!

I just put in the order for the blinkie. It should be done within a few days

Connie- Your DF sounds very stressed to me. Though it is no real excuse for how he treated you, one thing to keep in mind is how men and women operate on different wavelengths. His first reaction to fear may very well be aggression. Are there things going on with him at work? I know y'all's loss must be weighing heavy on him. I hope that he can overcome his pain and fear and also learn to not transfer his anger onto you when he's upset about something. It also seems like his obsession with the house being clean could be him trying to control some aspect of his life. He may be one of those ppl that gets super agitated at clutter (like me). Maybe come to him and say that you understand he's in pain but you are too. And there's better ways at helping each other heal than anger. I'm no psychologist but I've been married to a very eccentric, passionate man for almost 8 yrs and with him for 5 yrs before that. :hugs: How's the sunburn?

Amber- Yay!!!!!!!!!!! You surpassed me A question for you: Had you been very active as far as workouts go before starting the shred? Reason I ask is I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the video or do all the moves bc I'm really not flexible or coordinated.

AFM: Welp, I guess I've been pigging out this weekend too much bc I guess I treated it like my last hoorah! The scale said 201.5.. so, I'm up 1 1/2 lbs. But today is a new day and all I've had today is coffee and oatmeal. I'm so mad at myself that I feel like eating nothing but fruits and vegs but bc of my BFing I still need carbs for milk production so I'm not sure what the day will hold. I'd like to get a workout in today. Gonna logon to MFP in a few to enter in my day so far.

Love ya LOTS!

*weightloss vibes*

Some motivation for us!
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