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June 6th, 2011, 01:15 PM
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Would your DH be open to the idea of setting aside certain times or days when he and your DSD have time alone?

I used to have the same issue with my BF and my DSS. He used to spoil him all the time, let him do whatever he wanted, and had no disipline. He felt guilty because DSS came from a "broken home". Like in your situation, DSS would behave beautifully for me and gained a lot of independence and was a completely different and better kid, IMO. When his dad walked into the house, totally different story, he was a Jeckel (sp) & Hyde kid.

I finally had enough and sat my BF down and had a long talk with him about all this. We came up with a plan to set aside specific times and days that my DSS would get alone time with his dad to get to do whatever he wanted, whether it be going fishing, playing with a certain toy together, or building something together (BF is really into woodworking). And when my daughter was born and got a lil bit older, we incooperated her in. Now we both have "dates" with both of the kids when each of them get alone time with each of them. My parents also do this with them. Sometimes just my DD will get to go to their house and then DSS gets a turn.

This hasn't cured all the issues with my BF letting my DSS get away with this because he has issues with disiplining both of the kids. It has gotten tons better though.
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