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June 6th, 2011, 02:56 PM
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One more thing. If I dont post this I will explode.

I go outside yesterday to check the setting on the pool and check the water level.
SD8 comes outside (barefoot AGAIN as ive asked not to) and says in the babyest voice ever "wheres my daaaaady" and I say "I am not sure".
she replies in a crying and whining voice "wheressss my daaaady. I want my dadddddy"

I say "sd8 I havent seen him in the house for about 15 minutes. I am guessing hes in the bathroom."

sd8: "well can you go look because i want my daaaadddddyyy"

wth??? are we 3 years old now??? (what im thinking in my mind)

I ignored it. told her to get her shoes on before she hurt her foot on something outside.

went in to my room. started doing clothes and watching tv.

5 min later sd8 walks right in my room and says again "wheres my daaaaady".
I said "seriously sd8 hes IN THE BATHROOM. can you knock before coming in the room again please? and I will tell dad you are looking for him??"

do you guys think this is getting worse bc of the baby coming or what???

she asked her dad recently if he was going to start only paying attention to the baby and stop paying attention to her because thats what the youngest do to their parents.
(meaning she knows he pays more attention to the youngest, i.e. HER, and she wants to know if he will do that like he did with her when SS17 and SS16 were the older ones and she was the baby)
IDK if this is just fear of her not being his "baby" now or what? especially the baby talk. Shes 8. is that normal? This happened with my 4 year old when her dad and SM had a baby but i expect it from a child that young. Not from an 8 year old? What do you girls think?

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