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June 7th, 2011, 09:35 AM
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We finalize in October, on the 6th Adam came to live with us on March 25th, a mere 5 months after we first met him. Oh how the days have changed! Now that the honeymoon period is just about over I'm finally getting some Marie time back to use my computer. My little guy is going to be SEVEN this month and we're planning his first ever birthday celebration! It's going to be BIG! Adam is severely autistic, ADHD, with mild to moderate mental retardation and multiple behavior issues...or so we were told.

Since moving in with us, he has learned manners (being in public, how to behave in the car, manners while eating). He had never been to a store or restuarant before we took him. At first he was a little anxious but now he LOVES to go. Something social workers said he would NEVER do in his lifetime. He's also learned some sign language (he's completely non-verbal) within the first few weeks he was picking up signs with ease. Today, he's starting to babble and trying to make words! We've heard mama and bye bye. While not consistently, we still know he can say them!!! That was something else the social workers told us he'd probably never do.

Adam can now button and unbutton, zip and unzip his pants (potty training will be starting soon). He has went to his first county fair and on his first trip to the local public swimming pool and LOVED IT. He's imitating and watching everything we do and has surpassed many of the things we were told he might not do until he is a lot older or may never do at all. Miracles can happen!

He was also described by psychiatrists, social workers, and foster homes to not be social or affectionate and not liking other kids. Today, he plays with his cousins, has his own friends, and willingly gives hugs and kisses frequently. I feel so blessed to be his mommy!

So please, if you're considering foster care adoption take a look at these "difficult" special needs children and do not just go by the bios...ask to meet these kids, because those bios don't always do kids justice and there are some great kids put aside as "too difficult" or "unadoptable"!!!
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