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June 7th, 2011, 10:09 AM
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Lack of boundaries doesn't even begin to describe it! Lol.
Dh has a very different outlook on EVERYTHING when it comes to his daughter.
I've "handled" it well for the last year. But we didn't get her "steadily" during that time bc he was in a different state. Now we are all in the same state.
The thing is. He doesn't like my "parenting" of her but HE can't be her primary caregiver either. He's simply not there. So he patents his way when he's home. The rest of the time he leaves her w me.
The more I write about this, the more I see how messes up this situation is.
And the more I see how little control I have over anything.
Everything has come to a boiling over point now. I'm assuming it's die to my hormones changing and me not being able to shrug things off as I have in the past.

Sd8's mom "confidentially" told me she may be now moving out of state due to her divorce. Obviously she plans to take SD w her.
I told her I didn't want any part of that conversation w dh bc I'm sure dh will fight it and I dont want to be put in the middle.
Part of me sort of hopes they do move so I will only have to deal w this every other weekend. But a big part of me feels like bm should leave SD w us bc she needs to be here where she's been raised and where she has siblings.
And because I honestly do think of her as my own and it would be like one of my bios being moved off. I am just so tired of the drama. The only time dh isn't acting like this is when shes not around.
Then there's obviously another part of me that thinks ...I love this guy so much...but I'm do tired of what he puts me through w his kids.

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