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June 7th, 2011, 12:17 PM
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wow it's sounds like you really need a break! Is there anyway you can do a "me day" and do something just for yourself.

I also think you have to come to some agreement with you dh. As for ds8, she may have fears because of being replaced by the new baby - that's not uncommon. Also, truly it's not uncommon for an 8 year old to do the baby thing either. My dd turns 9 next week & we had an interesting weekend. 1 minute she's begging me for Calico Critters(little animal families) with a $200 doll house for her birthday and then next she's begging me to take her shopping for a bra It's like a split personality. I think a lot of it has to do with the age. Not little kids anymore but not teenagers either.

And I do know what resentment of a blended family situation is. I went through it with my dh's oldest. Notice I don't call her dsd. After 6 years of dh & I being together, she & I don't have a relationship at all. She has decided to project all her resentment toward her parents for divorcing on to me - even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Long story. Anyway it was awful when she was around. She doesn't come to our house anymore. On the 1 hand I am relieved but on the other I feel so sad for dh. But we tried everything and nothing worked. Well except for counseling.

Would you consider marriage counseling?

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