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June 7th, 2011, 11:46 PM
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Well ladies i am going to need your help I have 2 Tough hurdles to jump over But i can do it Although it may be hard both things listed below both reek havoc on my insulin and my system
Hurdle one
I have decided that it is time to Quite Drinking Caffeine I am just going to Quit cold turkey
Hurdle 2
Stop Eating and Drinking Sugary Things Also going to quite cold turkey on that as well

These things are not good for me when trying to Conceive and defiantly not good for my weight I am tired of the Headaches and the I need to nap filings i get from the caffeine and the sores in my mouth from the sugary stuff. So i am going to get rid of all the Coffee in the house and not make any thing for dh and I nor buy any of that stuff from the store and also no more deli food from wal mart. Yes this means no more cappuccino's,espresso's ect I figure if i quite both of these cold turkey I won't have to go through withdrawals one at a time. the only sugar I will get is the Natural sugar's from whole Fruits Ect. so please bare with me if i rant this next week or two about the sugar and Caffeine thing it is part of the Withdrawal Process. I will try my best not to rant
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