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July 30th, 2006, 03:23 PM
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I have the EXACT same problem. I had a c-section 4 weeks back and am unable to bear the burning on my lower abdomen. I went to a dermatologist who said it could be allergic reaction to things they cleanse with during surgery and gave me a steroid ointment. I have been applying it but it has NOT made any difference. Did you ever find out what the cause is and are you feeling any better now? Please let me know if you found any help. Thanks.

It's still happening and hasn't gotten any better. A few people have suggested an infection, but I don't think I'm showing ANY signs of infection. I'm going to call my doctor in the morning to see what he says is going on. I've talked to several people I know who've had c-sections and they never dealt with this. I'll deal with it as long as I know something isn't wrong. But it sure is annoying! I wish I could go without clothes rubbing my abdomen, but since I'm still bleeding that isn't an option.
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