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June 9th, 2011, 11:28 AM
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We had a really hard time with girl names. Which I guess is lucky we are not having a girl (yet!). If Liam had been a girl, he would have been Anna. If Kieran was going to be a girl, he would have *likely* been Josephine (Joey). We also had Elliott (Ellie), Charlotte (Charlie), Annabel, and Amelia on our list. But those did not make the final cut either time.

For boys, we have a longer list that we are working our way through We have a Liam and Kieran is on his way. If we have a boy next, we are having a Blake. Another might be Seth, Micah, Gabriel (if I can convince DH, he is not into it), or Jonah. But we will have to see when the time comes, since we did not have Kieran on our "original" list.

Basically we just picked names we liked separately than compared the lists and crossed off what we hated and did not want to name our child. Then we ended up with two shorter lists and we reviewed which ones we liked the best. Then made a master list and went from there. There always seemed to be one name that stuck out a little more for one or both of us and that is what we ended up picking.
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