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June 9th, 2011, 05:27 PM
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There are times when you should be hard on yourself, definitely such as the actions you chose. But then you have to stop beating yourself up about it and just move on. Your not an awful person-your giving your baby life. Do pursue paternity-the men involved knew full well sex=a baby. Adoption is a wonderful option. Many couples desperately want children but are unable to have them. I am a woman who suffers from recurrent miscarriage and knows what it feels to want a child so badly while being consumed with the fear that I will never have a child but thankfully I am able to have children. I just wanted to mention that option. I hope you have a close and supportive family to help you or a close circle of friends. This baby is a blessing, time to start enjoying the life inside you! Being a mother is something wonderful.
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