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June 10th, 2011, 06:00 AM
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I'm probably more of an "afterschooler". My children are still little - Mia is in kinder, which is 3 full days, but she's wanting more. She's the eldest in her class and she's starting to read whilst the class are still doing Letter of the Week style curriculum. I'm fine with that - a bit of repeptition doesn't hurt, and her letter formation needs work, but it's also important for her to learn the social skills of getting along with others. This has been quite a struggle this year, as her class has several dominant girls, Mia included, who all like to be the boss!
So I love to do activities with Mia and Aiden at home. I'm a public school teacher, and teaching is what I love. But, some how I have to pay the bills I am trying to find a balance. I always want to be involved in the Mia and Aiden's education.
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