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June 11th, 2011, 08:41 AM
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I am no help sorry - sounds tough!! I dont think I could do it thisn young..but I am also a big softie. my babies are on me all times of hte day..even my 21 month old is glued to me all day. but I am a SAHM..and I like it.. definitely not for everyone! in my experience..I lt my daughter lead the way with everything. at 4 months I couldnt get her to 10 months she gave up breastfeeding (I fell pg) and at 14 months she threw all her good sleep sense out the window and demanded that DH or I rock her ALL night..or she would be awake and mad. We did it for 2 months..until I had Anthony and it became impossible! THEN we had to take serious charge of her sleep. we survived the most horried 3 weeks of our combined lives. it was terrible..I never never never never never want to do it again. Sleep training a 16 month old is impossible! I would go in and it would piss her off so much more then if I stayed out. I would peek in every 10-15 minutes to make sure she hadnt puked. I sat beside her door for an hour every night for the first week listening to her heat wrenching cries. I felt so bad because we had just had a baby..I was feeling guilt about replacing her..(I wasnt obv..but I feared her perspective) the second week it was 40 minutes, and the third 10..and then magically after bedtime snuggles she would lay down, take her sippy of water and pass out.
What I am saying is....if you are going to sleep train I would say the younger the better before they really get into dramatics!
(oh and we tried everythign before we resorted to sleep training - she was waking every 40 minutes to be cuddled..then we couldn't put her down, and if we did it was 40 minutes until next wake up)

That being son is 5 months, sleep in our bed..and is currently napping in my lap. I have no intention of training him anytime soon. I however am going to start really routining his bedtime more firmly. He is already spending the first four hours sleeping on his own..and would probably continue if I didn't move him to my bed.

Sorry I dont have any relevant advice
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