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June 11th, 2011, 09:44 AM
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I have been some CIO, but like Cranberry said, I usually am right next to the crib. Losing his paci is a big part of why he cries. I sit there and let him fuss for a couple minutes and then stick it back in and go sit back down. Like some other ladies said, I can tell the difference between his cries. Like last night, it went on much longer than usual and my DH and I put our money on the fact that he had to be hungry. I took him out of the crib and he guzzled down 5 oz. (I couldn't nurse because I'd had a couple drinks). His parents were babysitting and put him down without him finishing his last bottle. I think when he gets distracted they assume he isn't hungry. Anyway, I'm trying to break the habit of nursing him to sleep every night which is why I'm nursing earlier and then putting him down awake and letting him CIO some. It has never been more than 30 min, and generally around 10-15 min. And, like I said, the cries are more from frustration about his paci and from the fact at he can't roll over yet, oh and one more thing, my mom said she had luck getting him to nap when she gave him something to hold in his hands. He was fidgety because he didn't know what to do with his hands and it was keeping him awake.

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