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June 11th, 2011, 09:44 PM
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Ok sooooo Tuesday late afternoon I had a bunch of pains coming and going and lots of pressure down low . Wednesday I called my dr office to be seen. They checked everything, and thought perhaps it was a bladder infection making my uterus freak out. I had my regular 24 week appointment on Friday. I had my cervix checked both days. So far nothing is changing thankfully. I am however on a restricted activity level because of the amount of suspected contractions I am having. Its worse if I do to much . So its more a matter of when not if I will be on bed rest. Just hoping to avoid the hospital visits . I go back in 2 weeks to make sure things are still doing ok with me. I have been spending more time on the couch . So in an effort to keep me off my feet I went to the fabric store, I was going to make blankets haha. I bought yarn though because years ago I used to crochet. That endeavor is going well and I promise to post picks when I finish baby girls blanket. Friday I also had to work, go to DD's school for a BBQ, run to the dr, then the fabric store, then to get DS from school, pick up dinner, get DD from YMCA and then home, whew. So sorry my posts have been lacking the last couple days its been hectic here. I should be back online more this coming week. Although I am rather distracted with the crochet blanket so it has me off the computer as well as off my feet LOL.

Oh baby girl is measuring perfect, I only managed to gain 2 pounds in the last 4 weeks yippee and when they were listening to the heartbeat she was kicking the doppler. Cracked me up. I think I enjoyed that more than hearing the heartbeat. We are both doing fine, just not crazy about having contractions at 24 weeks.

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