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June 12th, 2011, 08:36 AM
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Well, I'm a neat freak by nature...but my husband (love him, mean it) is a slob. He's a pack rat,a piler, and nothing looks dirty to him EVER.

I scrub my kitchen and bathrooms 2ce a week (because both kitchen/bathroom germ thoughts gross me out).

The rest of the rooms I try and do once a week, but this last 12 weeks it has been very hard. I finally scrubbed the house top to bottom on Friday (and ended up spotting again yesterday, but at this point it's old hat so I didn't even freak).

And we broke down last month and hired cleaners to do a top to bottom deep clean of the house. Since we don't need much babywise this time, the money we'd saved aside for "baby" in the last year + it's taken us to conceive we've spent by hiring cleaners to come once a month. They are due back on June 20th and I can't wait for them to get here.

When not pregnant...I do the whole house 2ce a week. Being in a mess makes my depression (I've struggled with my whole life) kick I have to have things neat and clean.
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