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June 13th, 2011, 09:44 AM
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I now have a daughter!!!
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What do you think of this name? I am due in August w/ a baby girl, and am not even close to finding a name I love, muchless one that DH will agree too. I found this one today, and DH said he likes it too. Not sure if I like it enough to use it though??? I have spent hours and hours and hous and hous looking names up...UGh..

Anyway, the name is "Andalyn".

Not sold on "Andy" as a nickname either. What else would be a good nn for it??

For a middle name, I love Raine.. So, maybe Andalyn Raine??? However, I might give her my dad's name as well, which is Curtis. So possibly Andalyn Curtiss....

Please share your thoughts - thank you!

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