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June 13th, 2011, 12:31 PM
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22 weeks...and I am starting to freak out.

So I went in for my regular biweekly u/s cervix check on Friday. Maggie is doing great and was kicking up a storm. Plenty of fluid, everything great...except, my cervix had gotten shorter. It went from 3.7 two weeks ago, to 3.2 this time. Now of course, that's still pretty long, but the trend is what is concerning. About 6 weeks ago, it was 4.5. The doc (it was Dr. "Call Me Suzanne" again, I like her) said they'll continue keeping an eye on it and hope it's not a trend. We didn't talk about what happens if it is a trend, but we didn't have to--it'd be bed rest and maybe a cerclage. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it's not a trend, but of course, I am starting to actually envision Maggie in the NICU for the first time this pregnancy.

So, today I went to my boss and told her what's up, and said, "Look, if I have to lay in bed for weeks on end with nothing to do, I'll go insane. Can I work from home if I'm on bed rest?" (My job is almost entirely reviewing docs and typing on a computer, so laying in bed with a laptop getting work done would actually work out pretty darn well.) She said she thinks that's great and said, "You'd probably go nuts having to watch daytime TV for weeks on end!" And I said, "Darn straight!" Plus I'd go broke, I mean seriously, I don't have that much leave saved up. My concern is that her boss (who is a JERK) would overrule her, so I asked her to just make sure that'll be OK, so I have peace of mind. She said she'd do that, and I told her hopefully it won't be an issue, but for my stress level, it's just better to have the ducks in a row. She was really understanding.

I'm really, really trying to see this as not a big deal, but given my history with Jim, it's hard to stay calm. I know I can survive the NICU again if I have to, but I was really hoping I wouldn't have to, and now I'm not so sure things are going to turn out as I'd hoped. So, now I'm just waiting until the 24th, when my next cervix check is, and keeping my fingers crossed that my cervix cooperates and that I'm freaking out completely unnecessarily.

Sigh. Beyond all that, I'm feeling OK--was super tired yesterday but that was after 2 days of being really busy and not getting enough sleep. The good news is, the iron is working and I'm not getting any more anemic, and the thyroid meds are working too so I don't need to up my dosage.
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