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LOL!!! Nooooo, don't go over there!!

Week 11

I am feeling good! This pregnancy is just like Eli's! Hardly any symptoms except fatigue. The nausea I had stuck around for about 2 weeks and then it was gone.
Cravings have started Yesterday I saw a commercial for McD's chicken nuggets and NEEDED them! With Eli I craved oranges and orange juice early on, this time it's SALTY things! Which isn't necessarily good! I have had DH go on a few fry runs! I can't get enough of them!

Yesterday I called my OB office and spoke to my OBGYN's nurse to set up my first appointment. I told her that I would prefer it to be after July 1st (when our new insurance kicks in and I will have full coverage). She talked to my OB and called me back. The OB wanted to see me ASAP and said, "The appointment and u/s would only be around $300 out of pocket. Having you in ASAP is ideal since you are almost out of your 1st trimester!" 300 DOLLARS!!!!! The nurse asked what I thought and I told her that I had been taking my vitamins, haven't had spotting/bleeding/cramping, and was feeling great... I told her I'd just wait til July and she said, "Good plan, I would have done the same thing!" That was reassuring to hear! Although the u/s was VERY tempting!

I'm SO looking forward to seeing the baby and hearing the hb! I'll be around 15 weeks... it won't even look like a blob when I first see him/her!

Thanks for checking in on me

eli grey [9.15.10]
jude lawrence [11.9.12]
forever loving our best girl, finley [born still 10.30.11]
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