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June 14th, 2011, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ShawnaCAN View Post
Yes, you can get an LH surge and not ovulate - that's true when you're not breastfeeding too. An LH surge means your body is trying to ovulate, but it doesn't guarantee that it will.

When your fertility is returning PP while BFing, it's normal for your body to warm up a few times before ovulation is finally successful. You can track CM to tell the difference between a "warm up" and successful ovulation.After baby is 6 months of age, it's more likely that you'll ovulate before your first PP AF.

I am curious as to how you can tell the difference between a "warm-up" and actually ovulating by observing your CM. What would the difference be? I just had my first PPAF which was heavy and 6 days. I had patches of blatant EWCM for a couple months leading up to this first AF at 7 1/2 months PP. I do plan on using an OPK this cycle even though I am not positive what the length of my cycle will be.

GOOD LUCK OP! With all the changes you've made in your fedding habits, my guess would be AF should be trying to come on soon.
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