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June 14th, 2011, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Martha83 View Post
hey all...I'm not really "TTC" but we are NTNP....which if you ask my sister IS ttc lol...

Can't claim the TTC title mostly because dh would rather pretend he doesn't want anymore but then not try AT ALL to prevent it's easier to say oops than to say "we purposely had a fifth child"

haha! this is us too! My husband says he doesn't want to "try" for a 4th but is doing absolutely nothing to prevent a 4th all the while knowing how much I desire to have another. Praying things work as God has planned for us all!! I just got my first PPAF and DD is nearly 8 months. I am praying that God chooses to allow things to happen and quickly.... although I am trying to be faithful and trusting that he may have a better timeline in mind.
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