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June 14th, 2011, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by ShawnaCAN View Post
It's really best to learn to interpret your CM patterns with an instructor to be really confident about telling the difference. But basically, you track sensation or how the CM makes you feel when you walk around. Keep a written record. When ovulation is successful, the CM pattern will:

1. Develop and change (for a minimum of 3 days)
2. Become slippery or lubricative
3. Dry up abruptly

If the pattern doesn't do all 3 of those things, in that order, it was likely a "warm up" rather than successful ovulation. Even with gobs of obvious EWCM, if there's no developing changing pattern first or if it never produces a slippery sensation or if there's no abrupt dry up - it's considered a warm up. EWCM is produced by high estrogen levels, which can happen during a warm up.

Thanks for clearing that up some for me.... I am pretty sure I have been missing the 3rd step..... hopefully my body won't take too long to get back into gear.
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