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June 16th, 2011, 11:15 AM
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I'm not TTC yet (not until November at the earliest. It was September, but it keeps moving, haha), but we already have the first names picked out for a boy or a girl, I'm just waffling on the middle names, and wanted to collect some opinions.

Important notes: Last name sounds a lot like Edison so use that if you want to check sound/flow.
Other children are:
Luke Andrew
Lauren Alexandria
Heidi Nicole

The boy name is Emmett, and the choices are:
Emmett Michael
Emmett Morgan
Emmett Lance
Emmett Scott
Emmett Justin

Michael and Morgan both have meaning (DH and I both have more than one important Michael in our life, and Morgan is the name of my best friend). DH isn't keen on using either of these names, though.
Lance and Justin I just happen to like a lot.
Scott is DH's pick because he likes the double Back to the Future reference.

The girl name is Ariadne, and the choices are:
Ariadne Michaela
Ariadne Celina/Selena (Ace)
Ariadne Sunshine
Ariadne Justyn
Ariadne Alyssa

Michaela is the same reason as Michael.
I prefer the Selena spelling, but I like the idea of her middle initial being a C, because then her initials spell ACE, which I think is a cute nick name.
Sunshine, and Justyn are names I really love that DH would never let me use as first names.
Alyssa is a close second favorite to Ariadne, but I'm probably only going to have one more kid, and I'd rather name her Ariadne.

Thoughts and opinions welcome! Also, if you think there are any names I haven't considered but might love, feel free to throw them at me. =)

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