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June 18th, 2011, 05:10 AM
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I say you do whatever you can to be safe! Which, from the sounds of it, includes the epi. With your histroy of hemorage, you really do NOT want to take any chances. As for your MIL, I doubt it would disappoint her just because you get an epi. And if it does? Shame on her!!! It's not s ign of weakness to use this. you may need it to SAVE YOU OWN LIFE!!!! What if they DO have to massage your uturus?? You're going to be glad you had the epi if that happens.

I say you "try" to relax. Maybe this birth will be better and the same thing won't happen as the other two. But I also say you be prepared and plan as though it could happen again, ya know? There is no shame in being safe.

The only end result that TRULY matter is that you and the baby are safe!!!! How you get there is completely irrelevant in the long run!!!! Good luck!!
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