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June 18th, 2011, 08:11 AM
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My sighs...our van's brakes are DONE. the van shakes so bad if you even just tap the break, so Chris brought it in. $700!! So Chris said we can't afford it, etc and they knocked $150 off of it...shows how much they are trying to take you with cost!! Jerks. We don't have $550 just laying around to use on our van, but we have no choice.

Another sigh. Due to us having a 2 bedroom house with very small closets, I had to use extra closet bars that I got from BRU for nat and baby boy's clothes. These bars fall apart so easily. The kids love to play in the closet and somehow they've managed to not knock the bars of clothes down. Then Chris goes into the closet once to get diapers and knocks the bars down. Awesome. And he leaves it.


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