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June 18th, 2011, 04:04 PM
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A couple weeks ago, I went into L&D... just to get monitored cause I was having contractions. I went in... lied in their bed for an hour with the monitor on... and they stuck a piece of paper in my pee. That was it. No cervical check. No blood work. No nothin... just get watched for an hour.

Today I got the bill.... $1500.

REALLY!? What exactly do you think you deserve $1500 bucks for!?!?! The nurse checked on me maybe 3 times for 30 seconds while I was on the monitor... then stuck the lil piece of paper in my pee and sent me home.

Now, I only have to pay $150... but no wonder our healthcare system is so messed up!!!!

I am totally amazed.

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