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June 18th, 2011, 09:42 PM
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I tried watching Oprah before bed last night. I have been having awful dreams lately and wanted to watch something before bed that would not give me bad thoughts. It was an episode about single dads. I thought it will be a nice show.


First single dad was single because his wife died right after childbirth from a blood clot that went undetected. As she got up to go see her premie baby she said she felt funny and fell to the ground and died. OMG!!!

This is one of my biggest fears about childbirth this time around because in the last year my mom and sister found out they had blood clotting disorders when they were hospitalized for blood clots on their lungs. Both my grandparents on my mothers side are on blood thinners and so is a cousin of mine on my moms side. I was tested for blood clotting disorders and tested negative....but I still worry all the time about this! I asked my sisters dr when she was in the hospital what symptoms blood clots give and she said it varies from person to person.....some people never have any symptoms at all and die from them! Not what I wanted to hear!!!

I mentioned my concerns to my OB today. He told me that he has caught blood clots in patients and that I have not had any of the symptoms he watches for. My legs don't hurt when I walk or turn my feet in circles. They are not hot to the touch. My breathing has been fine. He said at this point he sees no worries for me. I wish I could say I felt better.....but I wish he would just do something to check and make sure!

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