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June 18th, 2011, 11:15 PM
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We started in January homeschooling for various reasons. The moral and social junk that is at school was one reason, for sure. Another was the fact that the teachers were overwhelmed, and I was ending up teaching the lessons to my kids, anyway...and why send them to school for 7 hours and then spend MORE hours at home? My dh has an odd working schedule and rarely gets weekends off, so this is a better fit for our family, too. And another reason (even though this originally wasn't really why we considered it) is because two of my kids are competitive gymnasts. My dd is 18 hrs a week in the gym and my son is 12 hrs a week. This way, they have time for school, family, play and friends, and can still stay active in a sport they both truly love. It is way less stressful for us, and the only thing I wish I had done differently is that we would have homeschooled a long time ago!!! The kids love it, and we will continue all the way through high school
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