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June 19th, 2011, 03:57 AM
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So, as I mentioned before... Ive been having trouble with stomach pain... I wasnt sure if they were contractions or if it was something else. Hubby started to think it was related to the times we had sex so he wanted to wait till I was 37 weeks or so to have sex again...

BUT, i had a chimichanga on Saturday (the day I had all the stomach pain), so I was not convinced. I told him I wanted to have sex... (purely for scientific purposes, of course) to see if that was causing my pain.

I hate when boys are right...

Sure enough... a couple hours later I started writhing around in pain. And its still going on. Its even becoming more contraction-y... more defined waves of cramping.... Ugh!

So now hubby REALLY wont have sex with me (though I cant say Im exceptionally unhappy with this anymore) until its safe for baby to come... cause he has "super sperm" as he calls it. hahahaha I think he is quite proud of himself.

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