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June 19th, 2011, 06:55 PM
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Sorry to spam up our forums. I am finally starting to put some of our stuff together and I want to make sure I got everything I want!

So I just put the crib up and the whole bedding set together. I feel like I wasted $ on one of those Carter's bedding sets and it is really starting to bug me. One reason is me and my hubby has decided to go the "breathable bumper" route until my LO gets a little bit older. I wont be using the actual bumper (that is extremely cute I must add) until a few months after his arrival.
Then I got to thinking about something else: if I barely use the bumper, what if I barely use the massive comforter that came with the set? I used to babysit a newborn and he NEVER slept with his comforter that came with the bedding set. He only used light blankets. I also bought all sorts of mattress sheets since the bedding set only came with one.

So in the end I guess the only thing I can see me using is the crib under skirt but even that seems pointless since the bars from the crib block the cute little picture!

So now for the question (if you want to skip my blabbering above)
So let me know: did you actually USE your crib bedding set? Was it worth the price? I am thinking of just exchanging it for a simple color bedding set since the price is so much cheaper because I don't see the point having one with a design if I never see it. But if I will actually use the comforter etc then I wont mind keeping the owl one because then I will actually use the pieces with the cute owls on it. But if I am not using anything with the pictures I find it pointless! I have no experience with babies and how they actually use their bedding. So please tell me your experience with big 4 piece bedding packages! Do they use their comforter and bumpers and for how long?
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