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June 19th, 2011, 09:17 PM
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It's completely normal to be scared.

I have a friend who has 3 children, all planned and long waited for and even she suffers from fear of pregnancy and the future.
It's the ultimate challenge and the biggest responsibility most of us will ever experience. However, all parents that I know say it's the most rewarding.

I have only known about my pregnancy for 2 weeks and my pregnancy was also unplanned. I think for me, the transition from shock and fear to anticipation and happiness was accepting that I was experiencing and miracle and about to step forth on to an amazing path.
I just think to the future and no matter how confronting or frightening it may seem, at the end of it, I am going to be handed a beautiful little life that I helped create, I carried and nutured that will love me unconditionally and depend apon me completely.

It if you feel that the stress from fear is somewhat controlling your life and feelings, speaking with some one you trust, either family, friend, or professional would be in your best interest. The fear of the unkown may be stemming from a lack of knowledge. If you speak with some one and read the right materials, you may become more relaxed in time.

But I will leave you with this..
We are women, we are built to do this, we are strong and we're blessed with bodies that can handle such incredible happenings and changings. We are designed to cope with this and we are built to carry children. It's absolutely natural and every women deserves to enjoy it

Consider joining a due date club - there is lot's of support there for you

Good luck!
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