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June 19th, 2011, 11:35 PM
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I love looking for names! && i LOVE this name it's very cute!!!
I have a step daughter named Annikah and i wasn't sure what to think of it as first it sounded dumb and made up (coming from someone that's always correcting people on how to spell their name not because she isn't 'mine') but now that i have been saying it for a few years i LOVE the name i think it's beautiful and really correcting people isn't 'that bad' and honestly i am happy my name is different. I even want to name my daughter Alexia if i have one. Which isn't a very common name either.

So do what you want people will get use to the name and start liking it and it might get annoying correcting people but it's nice to be different too! Everyone always says how beautiful the different spelling is I really love the name and i wanted to use the name Adaline (if my son was a girl) but my sister's name is Ashley and we use to call her Adaline when we where little and it would be to weird lol
Good Luck!!

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