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July 31st, 2006, 02:36 PM
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if it is burning and the area is red it could be a yeast infection i got a yeast infection after my c-section and thought it was some kind of heat rash because it wasnt able to get any air because of the top skin that fell over it i had never had a yeast infection so i had no idea you could get them on your belly as well as down below but that is what my ob told me i had so she gave me a prescription cream to put on three times a day and it heeled in no time!! you might want to find out if that is what you might have also she had me lye down after a shower for about 10 minutes holding my stomach up so that air could get on the incision area that also seemed to help but i wasnt able to do it everyday with a toddler and an infant!! well i hope you feel better soon!!
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