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June 22nd, 2011, 09:22 AM
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I dont have parents-in-law. They both have passed away(and truth be told his dad wasnt a part of his life since he was like 19 so it would have just been me dealing with his mother had she not passed years before we even met).

I get along alright with his brothers and their wives but they arent overly friendly with us unless they need something anyway so its not something that I worry about(plus they all live far from us).

As for my folks...he gets along and likes my mom. My dads current troll errr wife keeps him from us so he and DH never really got to know each other well. My DH dislikes my younger sisters a ton(to the point of downing them anytime something comes along that reminds him of them).
But we dont see my mom or sisters too often so its not an everyday or week or even month issue. Its more like a once or twice a year issue.

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