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June 22nd, 2011, 10:10 AM
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Well I went to the fertility doctor finally and here is my timeline...

Cycle #2

June 30- Af showed
July 2-6- 150 mg clomid
July 11- First Ultrasound: 1-11mm follicle...
July 13-15- Test with OPK: bfn
July 15- Second Ultrasound- 20 mm follicle, received trigger shot!
July 17- 1 dpo!!!
July 24- Tested and trigger was gone two bfn
July 25- Faint line... FRER bfp... might be it!
July 26- Bfp on digi!!!
July 29- BFP on DIGI!!! REAL THING! af due today
August 1- Blood work + 128
August 3- Blood work + 390
August 12- Another confirmed blood work
August 16- First OB appt.
August 23- First Ultrasound

Cycle #1

May 31- Started af after provera
June 2- Started 100mg clomid
June 6- Ended the clomid
June 11- First ultrasound, 2 10mm follicles
June 14- Second ultrasound, 2 15mm follicles
June 15- bfp on my opk
June 16- Third ultrasound, 1 19mm follicle, bloodwork confirmed ovulation, HCG shot
June 17- Expected Ovulation
June 18- first dpo
June 21- Cramping, sore/sensitive boobs
June 22- Cramping, sore boobs, lots of creamy cm
June 23- Cramping, headache, tired, sore boobs, creamy cm, and just feeling off...
June 24- Mild cramps, irritable, creamy cm, boobs are slightly sore underarms but have sharp pains...
June 25- My face broke out, stomach muscles sore and it feels uncomfortable to lay on it, boobs are still sensitive, still lots of creamy cm
Tested: bfn
June 26- Less signs, feeling I am not pregnant... tested: bfn
June 28- blood work negative
June 30- Af showed her face!

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