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June 22nd, 2011, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by ferrarisparkle View Post
so i am having a problem! this is my 2nd pregnancy with gd so i was diagnosed with gd by my 13th week. anyways my problem is eating! i quit smoking but i seem to have replaced the smoking with eating. i need some carb free ideas for snacks because i cant help but eat. if i dont eat something i think ill go crazy lol. i always stay at home with my 4 yr old so being home all the time doesnt help. anybody have any ideas or suggestions for me! thanks.

LOL, I have the same, exact story as you.

2nd pregnancy. Diagnosed with GD at week 12. Just quit smoking smoking last Monday. Stay at home mom to my son who will be 4 in 8 days.

I want to eat all the time. It's horrible!! I have been chewing ALOT of gum. It does help, but doesn't take away all my snacking urges.

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