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June 22nd, 2011, 08:20 PM
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In my introductory post I said the ex wife, DH and I all get along pretty well. That all changed today when we found out they planned a trip without notifying DH and now we will only get SS for about 25% of summer break instead of 50-60%. DH is livid and I have no idea how to make him feel better I told him to go through the court, but he really doesn't want to put SS through that since he does like where they are living, and is excited for the trip. Plus ex wife & DH have never done anything through the court since the divorce was final. All child support was put into a joint bank acct. and neither reported address or employment change, so he doesn't want to start with he courts now, and possibly screw himself over more than she is. I'm just so upset!!!!

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