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June 24th, 2011, 01:12 PM
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This sounds like such a tricky issue... on the one hand, family can be so important, but on another, they can also be a really bad or negative influence. I think that what you did was right.

You say that your Mom made a full turn-around, and it would seem that you were comfortable with leaving your son with her because of it. Once things changed and you could tell there was a problem (especially with evidence, regardless of how you got it!), you decided it wasn't the right environment for your DS.

While I don't see marijuana as being all that bad personally, it can become a really bad thing when it's being put above other things, like food. It sounds like they aren't recognizing how big a deal this is, and maybe you should shoot another email in greater detail? If they really love your DS, they will be willing to work under your own terms. NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTTS.

Good luck!
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