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June 24th, 2011, 05:31 PM
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So my youngest son has been having unexplained fevers for the last 3 months. They happen a few times a week. Sometimes he feels yucky, and other times, I notice because he's near me and burning up. Also with these fevers, the glands in his neck swell. I finally took him to the doctor a couple of days ago. He had had a bad case of influenza the end of January and I was hoping it was because of that. His doc said usually that would only be for a month or two after the illness. She did a bunch of labwork and a TB test. She did an ANA, CRP, CBC, CMP and checked for the EBvirus. Everything came back normal. I was really hoping that the EBvirus would come back abnormal. His doc is concerned because with my lupus I have never had an elevated ANA or CRP, but I have had a kidney biopsy which proved the lupus.

I now have to keep a log of his fevers and what kinds of activity he was doing before hand. She said that if it looks like he gets the fevers after he does a lot of activity, or being out in the sun/heat that that means his immune system is compromised prior to the activity. And we will have to watch him as time goes on.

I wasn't expecting that at the appointment and now I don't even know how to react. I would feel awful if my son ends up having an autoimmune disease. Especially since he is so young. I didn't start getting sick until I was 23.
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