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June 24th, 2011, 08:26 PM
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Week 24--Viability!!!

I am feeling SO much more positive after today's appointment! My cervix is actually a teeny bit longer than it was last week, and even when she had me bear down on it, it didn't shorten. The doc I talked to today was so positive about how things are going that he said he thinks if I had another kid after this one, I wouldn't be considered high-risk for that pregnancy, after how well things are going this time! I am SO RELIEVED. I'm now back to being able to imagine going full-term, instead of worrying every night that my water is going to suddenly break.

Also, my BP was good, and there's plenty of fluid in there. Seriously, it was all good news, and I didn't have any questions for the doc because everything has been so normal. He told me to keep up the good work.

Maggie is measuring in the 60th percentile for a 24-weeker, and the doc told me today that usually whatever percentile they're at now for size, that's the percentile they'll be at when they're born. So he said assuming she's full-term, she'll probably be around 7 lbs. Sounds absolutely PERFECT to me! She was yawning and drinking her fluid today during the ultrasound, and bouncing her butt on my cervix. Absolutely no issues seen with her at all--the only out-of-the-ordinary thing with her is that she has kinda long legs, which obviously isn't a bad thing!

Now that I'm feeling so much better emotionally, I can focus on the annoying pregnancy symptoms. I'm having sciatica, my hips hurt sleeping on my side, I have heartburn and gas, and I'm starting to have marginal swelling in my hands/feet at the end of the day. And I'm having CRAZY dreams, like I had one the other night where I was the mistress to a sultan in some oil-rich country, it was very weird! So I'm not having super restful sleep because I keep waking up from the dreams, with sore hips, and having trouble going back to sleep.

But seriously, all that is 100% worth it to have a full-term healthy baby, and I am so grateful that I'm on track to that right now!
~Beth in Seattle

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