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June 24th, 2011, 11:06 PM
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Ok, so I haven't actually established any kind of "routine" for school, but we now use a visual schedule, that I draw each morning with the girls to let them know the plan for the day. It has helped me sooo much! The girls are happier because they know what to expect (and they love to cross off stuff after it is done) and I remember to get in everything that needs to be done - including story time I also registered the girls with out local library's summer reading program. They will be attending a few fun events at the library this summer and could even get prizes for their reading logs. We have a reading worm on the wall to show how many books we read this summer (we started it on the equinox by chance so I will continue till the actual fall equinox - I think I will do a different reading "chart" type activity for each season too) The girls are loving adding circles to the worm and it already needs to "turn" to go around a picture frame LOL. Tonight the girls explored my parents yard (while I worked on watering the garden for them while they are on vacation). They were so excited to see crickets, grasshoppers, dragon flies, lightning bugs, and even a praying mantis for the first time. Every bug they saw they were asking "what's this one Mommy!?" I think the lightening bugs were their favorite though - they kept asking me if a fairy was "in there" guess they figured something had to turn on the light

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