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June 26th, 2011, 08:49 PM
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Hi ladies!

I just now read your posts, which took me so long because I couldn't even remember where I had posted my thread. I thought I had subscribed to the thread, but I guess I hadn't. It was a day that I was reading a lot about lupus and stumbled across the website. I finally took the time tonight to surf around and figure out what website I posted! Thank you for your replies. I wish for you ease in your lives, and a healthy future.

It does look like symptoms do flare up approaching/during menses. I am thinking, when looking at my experiences and reading about others, stress may be the number 1 factor in triggering symptoms. Wow, the mother in law story is amazing! I lived with my mother in law overseas for 8 months with my kids, and without my husband, and I look back and I was SO fatigued, headaches everyday...all I wanted to do was sleep and I felt myself barely having the energy to smile. I thought I was just being a little weakling to get depression symptoms.

Obviously when the body is trying to have a period, it is undergoing a certain level of stress, which could play a role in why flare ups seems to coincide with menses. I also notice I am vulnerable to flare ups when I don't sleep good nights sleep, which also goes back to stress on the body. The first day of a new job has always sent me home with a flare up that night. I also see now that everybody's flare up is different.

I don't have medical insurance unfortunately, but had medicaid during pregnancy that helped me get those blood test results. I was hoping that my case being mild meant I could get by without having medicine and doctor visits. ?? Even though I was positive or high for several autoimmune antibodies, I don't have extraordinary joint pain. Normal wear and tear for over thirty with kids, and a sports injury knee....sometimes I just feel confused. Thank you for your posts, cause everything helps.
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