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June 27th, 2011, 09:05 AM
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hand me downs are my friend! haha about 97% of the kids clothes are hand me downs, also we on b-days we tell people gifts are not nessesary and if they insist (which they usualy do) we give them thier clothing size even I wear alot fo hand me downs from my sil and shop at thrift stores.

we cloth diaper


I make meals homemade istead of paying for packaging to get a "quick meal" homemade cheese buger maccaroni is just as fast and cheep to make as the store bought and you don't get all the preservitives in it and can make as much as you want. (we would need at least 2 boxed of hamburger helper to feed us all)

Craig takes left overs for lunch at work instead of buying extra stuff for him to take.

we rarely eat out, I can make homemade pizza and bugers for way cheeper then buying them.

we only gets things as we need it, not we might need it in the future type thing.

there are lots of free and cheap things to do with the kids

thats all I can think of right now

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